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IJIEE 2014 Vol.4(6): 456-461 ISSN: 2010-3719
DOI: 10.7763/IJIEE.2014.V4.483

Design of Wideband High Gain and Low Noise Amplifiers

Yinhua Yao and Tongxiu Fan
Abstract— 2.0-3.8GHz and 0.5-4GHz wideband low noise amplifiers for wireless communication receivers are designed using microstrip line and lumped element matching, respectively. Simulation results indicate that the amplifier within the band of 2.0-3.8GHz has a maximum gain of 18.86dB with a gain flatness of 0.7dB, a noise figure(NF) of no more than 2.424dB, less than 2.4 voltage standing wave ratios (VSWRs), and an output third-order intercept (OIP3) of better than 33.46dBm. Having better performances, the other amplifier shows a gain of 19.4 +/- 0.46dB, a NF below 1.894dB, and an OIP3 above 34dBm. Output VSWR is always less than 2 at frequencies ranging from 0.5GHz to 4.5GHz, while input VSWR between 2.0 and 2.23 is seen in 0.5-0.7GHz frequency range.

Index Terms— Low noise amplifier, negative feedback, wideband.

Yinhua Yao and Tongxiu Fan are with the No.36 Research Institute of CETC, Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China (e-mail: yaoyinhua2009@126.com, 563415726@qq.com).


Cite: Yinhua Yao and Tongxiu Fan, " Design of Wideband High Gain and Low Noise Amplifiers," International Journal of Information and Electronics Engineering vol. 4, no. 6, pp. 456-461, 2014.

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